Leith Planning Ventures is the land investment arm of the Leith Planning Group and is underpinned by our exceptional Town and Country Planning expertise.  We have cash funds available to secure sites by way of Option Agreements, Promotional Agreements, Conditional and Unconditional Purchases.  If you have a potential land opportunity and would like to explore maximising the value of your site, please contact our team:


Shan Dassanaike – Chief Operations Officer


               Email: Shan@leithventures.co.uk                 

Telephone Number: 01253 795548

David Forshaw – Group Planning Director


               Email: David@leithventures.co.uk                 

Telephone Number: 01253 795548

Joel Turner – Group Commercial Manager


               Email: Joel@leithventures.co.uk                   

Telephone Number: 01253 795548


We are in a unique position as we are able to draw on the expertise of each arm of the Leith Planning Group to carry out a detailed evaluation of your site.  Our initial evaluation will consider the site’s planning and commercial viability, this includes a free desk-based assessment of the current and emerging planning position of your site. Following this, we can immediately begin structuring the terms of our agreement and laying out how we plan to deliver the site.




The following criteria details our site selection preferences:


  • Sustainable locations
    (i.e. good proximity to public transport links and local services).


  • Formal and emerging development allocations.


  • Existing residential planning permission, there is no upper limit on the number of units.


  • Planning permission for industrial use.


  • Planning permission for care use.


  • A minimum size of one acre with no maximum size.


  • Greenbelt sites considered depending on the position of the Council’s Local Plan.


  • Suitable for residential, healthcare, retail, industrial and mixed-use developments.


  • Where previous planning consents have proven unviable, have lapsed or could be improved.





Land off Barrow Hill, Acton, Suffolk


Leith Planning Ventures promoted a 6-hectare site in Acton, Suffolk, which was originally allocated as Open Countryside.  After successfully promoting the site an outline consent for up to 100 dwellings was secured.  The Leith Planning Group is now marketing the site under its agency arm, Leith Capital Management. 


If you’re interested in purchasing the site please contact either David Forshaw, Shan Dassanaike or Joel Turner (contact detailed listed at the top of this page).



Land at Whitchurch, Shropshire


Leith Planning Ventures promoted a three-acre greenfield site on the edge of Whitchurch, Shropshire which had historically not been included within the evolving Site Allocations document. An Outline planning consent was successfully achieved for residential development. The site was then marketed and sold to Hawk Developments under a six-month Option Agreement, subject to securing a reserved matters application.













Land at Hartford, Cheshire


Leith Planning Ventures promoted the two-and-a-half-acre site through the evolving policy framework, generating interest at the same time from a number of national and regional developers. 

The site was promoted for residential use and was subsequently sold to Prospect GB to be taken through a detailed Planning Application. On both projects, Leith Planning Ventures, using its extensive planning and commercial expertise, was able to deliver a significant uplift on the value of the land, to the benefit of both the landowner and Leith Planning Ventures.

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